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In the world of Interior design, the fundamental rule of aesthetics in is that there are no rules. Some people like interiors which have subtle elegance, some like it to be snug and welcoming, some like clean lines, some like trendy and some like it BOLD.

When one goes for a bold look, one can go horribly wrong. It is important to understand how one can make a bold statement, keeping their preferences in mind with the resources they have. A bold look, unlike a classic look, comes with a shelf-life, unless one gets it right, as bold looks to a large extent heavily lean on current trends of colours, prints and materials, which are transient in nature.

Before conceptualising and designing understand the personality and psyche of the occupant as the people who dare to go for the bold look are very confident, experimental, comfortable in their own skin and are not swayed by peers, trends and conventional design elements.

There are various types of bold looks to select from. Broadly, we can classify styles as:

1. Modern

2. Classical / Traditional

3. Bohemian

The styles can have a strong feminine overtone, masculine overtone or a balance of both, depending on the personality of the occupant and the function of the space.

If the client is desirous of a change after every 5-6 years then we recommend bold wallpapers, busy printed curtains, bright paints on walls and patterned rugs for the bold look.

These are easy to change and lighter on the pockets.

If one is confident of using bold patterns & colors for civil works then we recommend classical style as it is time tested. For example, the palaces and havelis of rajas and rich.

If it is a modern style then use neutral or soft colours to balance the bold patterns.

If one has a change of heart then then to change the flooring is a huge expense and a lot more inconvenient to do so. The next best thing to do would be to put wooden flooring or put a carpet and panel the walls with wood or wallpaper or wall textures.

There is always a solution.

If one wants to play safe with bold designs then it is best to go for it in neutral colour palates with a dash of colour in small measures.

The use of unconventional interior materials can also be an eye catcher. For example, using acrylic for interior products and furniture.

If one wants the furniture to be the focus then let all other elements be neutral. But if one is confident then go bold with other elements too.

If one wants to use only solid colours as a means to catch eye balls then that is a cheaper option and easy to change if required.

The advantage of having bold interiors is that one does not have to adorn their walls, shelves, cabinet tops with expensive artefacts and décor items. Real plants or artificial plants and smart lighting will do the trick.

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