Artline Creations is an Interior Design firm led by Swati Sheth, who is a qualified Interior Designer, Fashion Designer, Graphic Designer and also a Commerce Graduate. She leads a team consisting of creative designers, consulting architects, supporting personnel, well trained contractors and reliable suppliers in all aspects of Interior and Exterior Space Planning, Designing and Execution.

We also service the clients to procure furniture and accessories from China - be it ready or custom-designed.


A high level of professionalism & excellence in the execution of every project with ethical conduct is the hallmark of Artline Creations.

Swati Sheth

I believe that IMAGINATION IS THE SEED OF CREATION. Imagination is boundless. To give form to imagination is an art. Without this art, creation is not possible. It has been my endeavour to use this art to bring my imagination to life.


ARTLINE CREATIONS is a medium of self expression through form and space. We strive to customise your space to your needs, maintaining an equilibrium of functionality and aesthetics to bring meaning to your life.

  - Swati Sheth